Feminization Phone Sex

Hi, feminization phone sex cross dressing sweethearts! Its Lola, your perfect, cupcake, pinup, tease! I miss playing dress-up with girly boys. As you can tell I am a girly girl and I love to play with retro lingerie and gorgeous dresses but, sometimes, its way more fun to have a partner in silk (kinda like crime but way more pretty!). Would you like to be my cross dressing powder puff? I adores vintage lingerie and I hope you do too. Sexy corsets, frilly underskirts, and satiny garters, oh my! I also love stockings and wicked, high-heels. No trashy garbage for my cross dressing play mates. I want pretty brocade and delicate silks and you should expect the same.

Can I have you for my very own doll? You wont regret it. I will turn you into a veritible princess before I am through! I think that opera gloves and a fan would be so much fun. This feminine, sensual, mistress can teach you the art of flirting and how to walk in those towering high heels too! Every diva needs the perfect high heels to complete their outfit! No glittery stone will be left unturned during our cross dressing session.

The we can explore whatever fetish games you like best. For instance, you may like strap on play when you have feminization phone sex? I kind of like this one a lot. I guess you could say girls have massive cock envy. They just look like so much fun to have. Putting on a big, pink, strap on, cock is a transformation, in itself. Now, there is an art to taking a girly boys, panty bottom and I have, actual, real time practice in this arena so your puss puss is safe with me. 😀 Just be a good sissy and stick that bottom way up in the air. Dont be surprised if I decide to give you a playful spanking. I like seeing both sets of cheeks blushing in my honour.

Or, maybe, you want to learn how to play with your puss puss. I have quite the arsenal of vibrators and dildos. We can go over the right way to masturbate like a girl during your feminization phone sex session. I am sure you are a squirter so dont be making a sticky mess on my sheets! LOL Thats a bad girl thing to do. If you insist in it then out come the frilly panties and you will stay in them the whole time we play, even during jilling off. I love those ruffle back sissy panties. Plus, they cover more. You know what I am talking about. Panty fall out. You cant keep those tiny sissy balls inside your knickers when they are g-strings lol.

Those of you, with more sluttier tastes, will want to explore your bi curious fantasies with me on a cross dressing call. I am not against that. Quite the opposite. I love BJs so if you need tutoring then that can be arranged. Let me show you how to be a wet and messy, blow job, queen.

Maybe your fetish or fantasy runs into the unique or bizarre realm of being feminized, like wanting to have huge, fake,  tits! Or, maybe, you want to be turned into a rubber doll who is mine to display or use in anyway I wish. Gosh, the erotic feminization phone sex cross dressing possiblities are endless.

Mannequin Fetish Phone Sex with a Fetish Princess

Hello, I am Nerdy Princess Lola, and I am here to talk about one of the more bizarre fetishes I have come across! Have you ever looked at a statue or a mannequin and gotten a boner? Mannequin fetish phone sex can be explored in so many ways. For some mannequin admirers, having a mannequin at their kinky disposal is essential. They love her cold, smooth body and the rigidness of her hands and feet. If you find the right one you can fit your cock into her hand and pretend she is stroking your cock. I have heard of some statue lovers enjoying playing out foot fetish play with their life size doll, too.

Others horny fetishist’s are having sex with their mannequins! All that grinding and humping must feel pretty wicked, huh?!? I wonder if you could make a hole in your mannequin and well, you know. *Wink* These men are attracted to her delicate features. The perfect lips, the long pronounced eyelashes, that gaze that makes her seem so untouchable so ethereal. The mannequin is not grossly over proportioned like a porn star, but rather perfect, petite, and perky. She can become a “girlfriend” to the Paraphiliac addicted to her. Imagine cumming all over her perfect plaster features?  Your mannequin fetish phone sex doll will do everything your girlfriend won’t do, baby.

Some guys love to play dress up with their mannequin and make her look incredibly sexy. They really enjoy the make up and wig aspect of transforming her into the perfect woman. I would think wig and hair fetishists would love this too. At least the really kinky ones, right? Ater preparing her make up and hair, he dresses her in stockings, garters, bustiers and the prettiest dresses etc.. The act of dressing their perfect playmate for date night is often the best part for some men. Then he sets the table and they have a meal together and one sided conversation.

Other men want to BE the life size doll and have someone dress them up! I could feminize you with wigs and flawless make up to imitate a perfect mannequin. We can play dress up and turn you into my feminization toy! Then other guys want to take a woman and turn her into a perfect doll, fully dressed, and made up to his specifications. This way you could have your mannequin in any shape or size you like! I would love to play out a mannequin fetish phone sex fantasy with a caller where he turns me into the statue of his dreams. This nerdy fetish babe loves getting kinky. That’s why they call me a freaky princess, right?

SPH Phone Sex Cuckold with a Kinky Femdom Giantess

Kinky Lola is who I am but who are you, little man? I see you way down there looking up at me. Is that drool on your chin? You could never please such a lusty giantess, such as myself. I know you have this SPH phone sex buzz and dream about an large femdom controlling every tiny inch of your itty bitty dick but see that is the problem. You are very tiny, dare I say it looks like someone shrunk you. Why, I have a dildo thats taller than you and even it bores me as of late. What will you offer your bizarre fantasy mistress to make her happy?

Whats that? Let me pluck you right up off the floor so you can whisper in my ear. My arent you a cute bugger. You want to watch me? Oh you are a naughty little voyeur whose eye is bigger than his small dick? You want to see my massive, beautiful, pussy stretched open by a giants cock? Well, I can oblige you on your quest for super freaky cuckold roleplay. I like having a little man to humiliate and to tease till his little weeny till its as hard and as big a tooth pick. I am always ready to indulge you boys with a kinky SPH phone sex fetish and lets face it most of you have a small penis to my eye. After all, I am 75 feet tall.

And you are in luck because this giantess has a mister and hes 100 feet tall with a dick that hangs down between his legs! Why, you could ride it like a big, cun filled, rocket lol! Let me put you between my massive boobs and take you back to my swinging bean-stalk. I can introduce you to my man and we can get down to the business of cuckolding you. This is such a dirty SPH phone sex fantasy, isnt it? Wait until he takes his pants down and you get to see his 10 foot cock! It makes me squirm with delight!

We have all kinds of small penis humiliation cuckold orgies here so dont you worry, we arent shy. We are exhibitionists! You can relax in the crotch of my panties and watch us get busy. I will sit you right in the big wet spot in my giantess undies! Just dont touch that little dick until I say you can. If you are a very good boy you can go exploring my slippery, cum filled, pussy after he has orgasmed! Would you like a cum fetish shower or would you like to maybe fluff me or us both before he slides inside of me?

These are all questions we can explore on your SPH phone sex call to me, your sci-fi fantasy giantess. Just call and ask for kinky Lola.

Fart Fetish Phone Sex with a Naughty Cock Tease

This bizarre fetish blog is going to make me giggle my panties off! Are you one of those men who secretly adores fart fetish phone sex? Are you also the kind of pervert who enjoys watching, hearing, and smelling a girls farts? Look, everyone passes gas but for some people its a huge turn on. I am clearly amused by this! As a classy, pinup, princess men are always shocked that I fluff. I guess if you look little stuck up and prissy men think you aren’t capable of letting a toot loose in their company. Well, I am here to say, not only do I do it with my boyfriend around, I enjoy it! I even go as far as delicately lifting my right ass cheek to do it, ha! I will often say “oopsie” right afterwards and giggle like a fiend.

Does that give you a boner? If it does then we should have a gassy fart fetish phone sex fantasy call together! We can role-play that I am your hot girlfriend and one night, while watching our fave show on Netflix, I let a hot gassy fart rip. Are you in extreme shock? Are you going to try hide your hard-on under a couch cushion? I bet you going to give yourself away as your nostril twitch? I know you are trying to smell it. Its only natural. We all do it. They say we like our own brand the best. I have to say that’s true! I can guarantee I am not excited about you tooting, mister! Yuck. I know that’s not fair but I don’t care. Women fart glitter! You guys, not so much, ha!

Some of you fart fetish phone sex enthusiasts like to get extra nasty. I am already aware that some of you are going to sniff the couch seat after I get up. Some of you are going to beg to sniff my butt fluff right through my panties! Oh yes, Princess Lola is aware that some of you girl fluff freaks want to enjoy my warm gas right through my panties or from right between my butt cheeks. Everyone wants to smell my rosebud. I am super down with kinky ass worship too so if that’s your thing don’t hesitate to confess it to me. We can even have a sensual bubble bath together and you can request that I blow bubbles in the tub. Now, I am giggling again.

Bi Curious Phone Sex with a Kinky Open Minded Girlfriend

Sometimes I get some nasty ideas that titilate my pussy lips something fierce. One of those ideas is bi curious phone sex. Ok, so I am this sweet  GFE minx, Lola, but I do have a kinky secret side. Have you ever dreamed about your girlfriend sharing a cock with you? For real, have you? Are you, in your fantasy land, cock curious? I sure do hope so, and I have always wanted to teach a boyfriend who was into it, how to suck cock.

Some kinky open-minded couples actually talk about swinging etc., and then do it, but it doesn’t have to be real for you and I. I am just a fantasy GFE girlfriend and you are just a fantasy boyfriend. But, we can definitely explore this kinky, sometimes considered taboo, threesome fantasy together in a safe environment. This sweet vixen won’t ever judge you, baby. I am actually turned on by guy on guy porn!

Ok, so now that we got that all out of the way let’s talk about dick sucking 101. I am so good at blowing men, just wanted to put that out there. Taking my time I tease with my tongue, and I enthusiastically play with his precum. I like to stroke that thick shaft and lick and nibble on that big shroom head. This naughty size queen is  not afraid to be un-lady-like and drool over that meat till my face is sticky.

 I also love talking dirty during a bi curious phone sex BJ too. You have to know if anyone was going to teach you how to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch it would be this size queen. I love to tutor dirty men in the art of being nasty. Imagine yourself on your knees with me beside you, coaching you to touch it and take deep into your throat, all while I finger myself. Do I ever get hot and bothered licking that cock with you, and then French kissing you at the tip of his dick.

Now, sometimes a guy will want his kinky GFE vixen to lay down and take that freshly sucked meat deep in her pussy. Did I mention that sometimes I like to let my pubic hair grow in? I sure do, and I find having a fur pie sexy, sometimes. Keeping it nicely trimmed and neat I know seeing a fat cock sliding in and out of my furry pussy will drive my sweet cuckolded boyfriend crazy! This kinky cum fetish minx might even let him take it out and lick my juices off it before he slides it back in. How’s that for kinky bi curious phone sex? Can you imagine the massive orgasm I would have?

Oh baby, I am such a bi curious phone sex size queen. If we have a threesome let’s make sure he has a large dick or even a BBC?!? I would love a big black cock in my hairy pussy! But, I would also love for you to suck a big black schlong in this dirty threesome fantasy call. It would be so exciting! Interracial fantasy play rocks my socks off! I know for some people that is still very taboo, but if we could have a dark skinned, handsome man to play with I would go out of my mind!

If you want to get super nasty let’s do it, k? Would you prefer if I was more dominant and insisted you suck it all by yourself? Would you like some hot verbal small penis humiliation about being my bi curious phone sex fuck-toy? Yummy, let’s let my inner mistress come out and let some bitchy steam off. I am definitely ok with that, and I will also insist you suck that BBC till it explodes in your mouth. A good cum craving blow job queen finishes the job properly. I might even put some red lipstick on your mouth and lock your cock up in chastity. 😉